Amare Symoné X House of Poets

Wednesday, August 10th:

SYMONÉ PERFORMED A SMALL SET THAT INCLUDED HER HIT SONGS, “B.W.R”, “BREAK OF MIND”, AND A SONG FROM HER HIGHLY ANTICIPATED PROJECT THAT RELEASES IN THE FALL, GLASSWINDOWS EP. She had the opportunity to perform her last song with a jam session style alongside amazing instrumentalists. SYMONÉ HAD THE pleasure OF SHARING THE STAGE WITH OTHER TALENTED ARTISTS SUCH AS Mahogany L. Browne, John Lockhart, Panama Da Prince, and Natasha Hooper. To find out more about her performance visit her social media outlets!


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Amare Symoné X The Shrine

Monday, July 25, 2016:

Amare Symoné performed a small set that included her hit songs, “B.W.R”, “Break of Mind”, and a song from her highly anticipated project that releases in the Fall, GlassWindows EP. Symoné had the opportunity of sharing the stage with other talented artists such as Ngyasi, and Kyle Shedrick. You can find more about her experience here : Amare Symoné X The Shrine: Harlem. Also, feel free to visit her other social media outlets!

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Amare Symoné X Urban Word First Draft

July 25th, 2016:

Amare Symoné  performed at 34th St. Herald Sq. Park in New York City, New York. She performed a couple of songs from her soon-to-be released project, GlassWindows EP, coming this fall! Special thanks to Urban Word NYC for the opportunity to feature and perform!